A private training is the quickest and most efficient way to achieve your goals. Either in handstands, calisthenics or pole dance. The training will be completely adjusted to your wishes, level, and availability. You will work on your dream goals through personal instruction and feedback.

Also possible: a semi-private with 2, 3 or 4 people. 


Are you training for a competition or performance, and would like to have guidance for your prep as well? Than you might be interested in adding coaching to your private training. Dineke can guide you through the whole process. From a pole sport routine to an artistic performance. She will help you with setting up a schedule including strength, conditioning, flexibility and specific competition/performance training. Dineke can also help you with your theme, including music and your overall appearance.


Like to book a private training but is distance a problem? Well, it's not! Both private training and coaching are perfectly possible through Skype. How it works? We both set-up a tablet or laptop in our own studio, log-in at Skype, make the call and make sure we can see and hear each other well. In this way Dineke can train and coach you from anywhere in the world. 


Are you looking for more than just a single private class? Are you eager to learn, ready to train insane and only satisfied when going home with a sore body? Than Intensive Private Training is the perfect training for you.

IPT is the perfect way to give your pole career, competition training or motivation a boost. During your 3, 4 or 5 days of training, you can mix & match your own private classes. If you have specific wishes or like Dineke to set-up your program, it's all possible. Either way it's gonna be lit!



A special competition kick-off class, to start in the best possible way for your pole sport or artistic competition. In this 2,5 hour training Dineke will guide you trough the rules, help you with your set-up and in case of pole sport; filling in the forms correctly. 

This class is the perfect way to start your competition training. Both if you like to continue on your own or together with Dineke. 

Important! Dineke suggest you to take this class in between 6 and 4 months before your competition.